Apple Pie Language

With their innovative approach towards providing students with a solid foundation in the Chinese language, Apple Pie Language has won widespread acclaim for their work.

With a teaching philosophy that “Children learn best through fun and play”, Apple Pie Language’s methods are based on their belief that successful learning can only take place when learners are interested and motivated

To that end, Apple Pie Language has crafted a syllabus that is:

    • Theme-based
    • Inspired by various facets of Chinese culture, history and art
    • Modular in approach towards learning
    • More accurate in assessment of a student's abilities
    • Able to tailor language needs and goals to the student

Apple Pie Language’s Teaching Strategies

  Reinforce listening skills through good language models provided by native speakers
    • Students are immersed in a Chinese-first learning environment that is non-threatening
    • Plentiful opportunities for language production
  Practise speaking skills through songs, rhymes, role-play and public speaking
  Recognise characters, their usage and order of strokes, through our specially-designed and innovative flash-card method.
  Mastery of the written word at the word, sentence and text levels
    • Empowering students to use the written word in relevant and meaningful contexts

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